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Mike and Kerry have been married for 12 wonderful years! Colin and Ashlynn keep us on our toes with activities, constant jokes and entertainment. We were blessed to add Bethany, our eldest daughter, to our family a few years ago...she started out as the best babysitter EVER and quickly became part of the family. We enjoy out Air Force life and view every move as a new adventure full of travel and new friends! In that great adventure we've moved from Columbus, MS to Suffolk, VA to Waldorf, MD to Fairborn, OH to GERMANY to Burke, VA and now our lates move settles us in bright sunny Fairfield, CA!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And Colin's 2nd recital.....he needs a bit more practice but is very easily distracted by lots of other include lots of 5th grade "accelerated" homework.
Ashlynn's first Piano Recital!  And yes she used one of my old books.....for some reason I saved a few from my lessons (that I wish I hadn't stopped.....) and she thought it was so cool that she could play one of them :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boy I'm Behind!

Ok I am SO much better at updating facebook than this blog....sorry to those that don't have FB and use this as their way to track us down!  I will add "update blog" to my monthly tasks so you don't get so behind!

Mike was pointing out to me that I hadn't even updated how long we had been married......where did those two years go?  Time is just moving too fast with these two munchkins keeping me busy :)

I don't even know where to start with updates so I will just start with today!

We are finally "mostly" settled in CA!  Just a few more things to find homes and then to clean the place back up before Nana and Papa come for their first visit this weekend!  The kids are loving the area and the house so far and we will see if that lasts after they start school on Monday!  We toured their school and they were very impressed (it's only 4 years old) so they are actually excited about getting started....and really ready to make new friends!

Well....I'm not going to reenter all of our past pics BUT I will link the last several facebook albums here so those of you without FB can catch up!
This album is our "Summer 2011...Goodbye VA Hello CA and everything between" Lots of summer fun AND of course our cross country trip to CA!  Lots of fun entertainment :)
This album is the 4th and 1st grade album.  I put all of their pics from first day to last day in one album! 
and this album is just a beginning to pics of our newest family members Lenny and Kelly, the Irish Terrier Dogs!  There are many more of these that need to be added.
Ok....I have to get back to cleaning so that will have to be enough of an update for now but will get more on later!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

ALL the Christmas Pictures

As the kids finished their Thank You notes I realized that some of you may want to see the picture of them opening your I uploaded the pics of them opening EVERYTHING for Christmas......hope you enjoy!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

Well I have lots to catch up on seems i just never have time for blog posting and most of my updates are on Facebook in real time!

I will take a few moments to connect our facebook photo albums here for thos of you who would like to "catch up."  Most of our 2010 update was in the Christmas card and letter so I will try to post that as well for those who may be interested but weren't on the snail mail list.  Thanks for checking in and I will attempt to do better and keeping this somewhat up to date.

These photo albums are starting with most recent and going back a few months.

Christmas if FL with Daddy!

Coutdown to Christmas with Daddy....Thanksgiving up to Flight!

Halloween 2010!

Colin Turns the BIG 1 0

Fall New England Trip

Ash Turns 6!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

1st Day of School....4th and 1st????

HOW can it be that my kiddos are in the 4th and 1st grades?  It just doesn't seem like they should be that old! 

They really like their schools are the first day pics!

Wow! I'm behind :)

Ok...I am SO behind with postings for this site!  Sorry Dad!  I put pictures on facebook but forget to update this!

Here are a few photo albums with some brief comments on our summer craziness!

We did a TON of things in the last week before school started....Pictures here!

Swim Team Pics!