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Mike and Kerry have been married for 12 wonderful years! Colin and Ashlynn keep us on our toes with activities, constant jokes and entertainment. We were blessed to add Bethany, our eldest daughter, to our family a few years ago...she started out as the best babysitter EVER and quickly became part of the family. We enjoy out Air Force life and view every move as a new adventure full of travel and new friends! In that great adventure we've moved from Columbus, MS to Suffolk, VA to Waldorf, MD to Fairborn, OH to GERMANY to Burke, VA and now our lates move settles us in bright sunny Fairfield, CA!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

And Colin makes 5!

Well Daddy had to have knee surgery right after Ashlynn was born so he was on crutches for a while.

Bethany fell down stairs at the movies just before we met her, was on crutches the first time we met her and is having surgery AGAIN in November for her ankle.

Then mommy missed a step in Germany and was on crutches FOREVER!

Then Ashlynn fell off a small stool and somehow landed just right to break her collar bone.

Now Colin fell at school yesterday and twisted his ankle.  It isn't sprained or fractured thank God!  But it is very sore, still swollen and they did give him crutches becasue it hurts to walk.  So he is home at least for today with it propped up, we shall see what tomorrow brings.

Anybody want to join our family of bad luck :)


More Halloween Pictures!

The kids got LOTS of use out of their costumes this year!  They wore them to school as "storybook characters" then to the school Fall Festival Friday night, Colin dressed up for a birthday party on Sat morning, and then for trick or treating!  Of course they switched out costumes....Colin was Ron Weasley (from Harry Potter) for school, fall festival and trick or treating., but Optimus Prime (transformer) for the birthday party.  Ashlynn was Super Girl for school, and trick or treating, but tinkerbell for the Fall Festival!

We were lucky enough to have a sweet godson Nicholas and his mom and dad join us for Halloween this year!  Nico's first trick or treating experience!  It was so much fun...we started out with a potluck block party at our neighbors, then trick or treated in the rain as long as Nico could hold out and then the neighbors ended the evening back out our house with some Wii and game time for all!  LOTS OF F


We are officially a through and through scouting family!  Colin is still loving Cub Scouts as a Bear Cub this year and Daddy is lucky enough to be the den leader!  They are looking forward to lots of fun together!

And Ashlynn started Daisies this year!  She loves hanging around all of the little girls, doing crafts, singing songs and just saying she is a scout!  Mommy is really enjoying the craft/song/fun time with the girls, but could really do without the complicated moms that go along with the kids.....why is it that 9 kindergarten girls is sooooo much easier than 1 or 2 hard to deal with moms?