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Mike and Kerry have been married for 12 wonderful years! Colin and Ashlynn keep us on our toes with activities, constant jokes and entertainment. We were blessed to add Bethany, our eldest daughter, to our family a few years ago...she started out as the best babysitter EVER and quickly became part of the family. We enjoy out Air Force life and view every move as a new adventure full of travel and new friends! In that great adventure we've moved from Columbus, MS to Suffolk, VA to Waldorf, MD to Fairborn, OH to GERMANY to Burke, VA and now our lates move settles us in bright sunny Fairfield, CA!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Many of you know that we've had a tough time getting Colin to ride his bike.  In Maryland he was finally getting good enough on training wheels that he was ready to try without them...then we moved to Ohio where we thought the neighborhood would be great with the double cul de sacs but of course the pictures we had didn't show us that we were at the top of a very steep hill....too much for him and he didn't want to try the bike.  Then Germnay was a little better, but his bike was stolen just after we moved in...we replaced it and he tried a little but the street was very busy and the cars would go WAY to fast around the hence he is in the 3rd grade, a Bear Cub scout and couldn't ride his bike.

We've tried over the summer several times, but he was scared and would get frustrated...he didn't want to try.  We kept telling him that until he was determined to make it amount of pushing from us would make him ride.....

Yesterday he says....can we try to ride my bike...first time he had EVER asked on his own....and after the 3rd time of mommy trying to help him....he took off on his own!  He is sooooo excited and proud of himself!  And we are very proud as well.....some fun bike times are ahead for the family now!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Fun!

A few weeks ago, the kids and I headed to cox farms for some fall fun and I'm just now remembering that I have pics!  Enjoy and I'm sure there will be more fall pics in the next week!

Cox Farms Pics

Lt. Col Selection Party

In September we found out that Mike was selected for Lt. Col!  Of course he won't pin it on or get the raise for a year probably, but we are still very proud of him!  The party was Friday at the Ritz Carlton.  ALL LT. Col and Major selectees from the Pentagon get together with everyone else at the Pentagon to congratulations!  Kind of crowded (and expensive!) but a good celebration after all.  We will keep you all updated as to when we get to really spend the money :)


Well it is baby is no longer a baby.  Ok so that was official a long time ago but I've been in denial :)  We celebrated last weekend with the camping trip, yesterday with dinner at friendly's and today with monster cupcakes to school!  He said it had been "one of the best birthdays ever!  Just how will mommy handle 10???????????

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colin's Birthday Camping Trip

We have made a family rule that the kiddos only get the huge blow out parties until they are 5...too expensive for a small amount of time and the really don't need all of those gifts.......SO after that we encourage them to either pick a place for a small party, have a sleep over type event with a FEW friends, OR we take a family trip. Colinhad a campout with 3 friends AND a trip to legoland in Germany last year...this year he picked a camping trip wit the fam! So after a week of sick kiddos we were off to Luray, VA in the Shenandoah Moutains for a weekend of fun!  The weather was a little cloudy the first day, but no problem....before we stopped at the campground, we visited Luray Caverns!  Totally cool place and the kids were just amazed at all the rock formations!  Then we unpacked and just hung out around the campground.  We chose the Jellystone Park because it has tons of kids activities, and yes mommy cheated and rented a cabin that had heat, beds, a bathroom, fridge and even small kitchenette!  Not really camping in the boys eyes but after they had been sick...i didn't want to "rough" it!

On our first night of "camping" we had a wagon ride/sing-along with Cindy Bear...o.k. Ashlynn LOVED it...Colin decided he was too "old/cool" for that part! Then we walked around the campground, played on the playground and headed over for candy bar bingo.  The entry fee was one candy bar each!  Colin LOVES to play bingo but is always disappointed because he never seems to win (he has only won once and it was a wall hanging that I said when we walked in the my luck he will win THAT...and of course he was soooo ugly but he was so excited!)  Anyway...we sat down to play and wouldn't you know it...the child one the first round!  He was ecstatic!  We told the lady running it that it was his birthday so she told him to take 2 candy bars, had the whole room sing happy birthday to him and then decided to play "C" bingo in his honor!  And believe it or not....HE WON THAT ONE TOO!!!!!!!!!  He tied with 2 other little boys and this was a 5 candy bar win!  We decided that 4 candy bar entrance and 7 candy bars back...we would call it a night and let others win!  We left with 7 candy bars and a VERY happy little boy!  And then Daddy made them a wonderful fire for roasting marshmellows and playing with light sticks!

Day two....we played around the campground, did a fall craft, then headed to the Shenandoah National Forest!  How amazing the colors are there!  We drove through the mountains, stopped at all the overlooks and then took a wonderful hike out to Stony Man Mountain!  It was a wonderful day for observing nature, hanging out with the family, getting some excercise, enjoying the fresh air and the weather was PERFECT!  I can't share all of the pics on here, but will upload them to snapfish and add the link below!

What a wonderful birthday celebration with our little man!  Just when did he grow up on us????? :(  Only 6 more days and he will be a big 9 year only thought I had a tough time with Ashlynn turning first born is such a little man now....daddy even gave him his own "leatherman" for his birthday since he will be learning about proper knife use in scouts this year...I told him this weekend I can remember everything about the day he was born (heck the 2 weeks up to his birth....for those of you who know the "2 weeks in labor story"!)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tinkerbell's 5th Birthday Party!

Think of the happiest things, it's the same as having wings... With a little faith & trust, friendship is the best pixie dust! What a wonderful Birthday party and so many great friends!  We played tons of fairy games (and everyone has tons of glitter, oops I mean pixie dust , to prove it!) Had some yummy food, fun crafts and just really great neighbors and old friends!  We were blessed to have Darcy and her girls (Darcy and Mike went to K-grad together and thanks to facebook reconnected and found out she lives near here!), Stacy and her kiddos (Stacy, Eric and the kiddos were stationed in Germnay for the first year we were there...sad to say goodby but so wonderful to have them near again!), and the Pfingstens (Mike and Mike went the the AF Academy together and now the kids get to play together!)

We are so blessed to be in this neighborhood!