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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What Christmas is ALL about!

This time of the year gets harder and harder for me......starting with my birthday and on through Christmas!  I miss my mom more and more each year.....that hole in my heart just seems to grow.  But when I get down the most, I remember how much my mom LOVED Christmas....the decorations, the family time, the joy of opening presents....I have to smile and keep going!

I was the early person on Christmas.  I would wake up in the middle of the night, sneak down to peak at what Santa had brought (but would never touch anything!) and then I would wake Jan....we would sneak down for another peak and then run to wake Mom!  Sometimes I think she was laying there awake waiting for us...she was just as excited as we were....she would get up with us just as awake as we were and then dad would eventually get up not quite as awake :)  She had the magic!  We would open EVERYTHING then....and this is like 2-3 in the morning!  We then went back to bed (with a few gifts tucked in with us!) until a more normal time (7 or 8)....then wait for my grandfather to call to see what Santa brought us!

When I get sad...these are the memories that bring me back!  This is the magic that I want my kids to always remember!

I love you mom....I miss you horribly, but WILL keep the magic alive for your grandchilren!
I love you dad.....For always loving us no matter what!
I love you Jan......For being my sis and being more like mom then I think you realize!
I love my wonderful husband and precious kiddos for keeping the magic alive for me!

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