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Mike and Kerry have been married for 12 wonderful years! Colin and Ashlynn keep us on our toes with activities, constant jokes and entertainment. We were blessed to add Bethany, our eldest daughter, to our family a few years ago...she started out as the best babysitter EVER and quickly became part of the family. We enjoy out Air Force life and view every move as a new adventure full of travel and new friends! In that great adventure we've moved from Columbus, MS to Suffolk, VA to Waldorf, MD to Fairborn, OH to GERMANY to Burke, VA and now our lates move settles us in bright sunny Fairfield, CA!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ok I'm WAY behind on Posts so I have lots to update.....and it may be out of order!

Sorry!  I'm been working on a bunch of projects and just haven't gotten to sharing pics, but here is the update.  This should be all of the January updates....except Ashlynn's Daisy ceremony which are on the other I'll get those tomorrow!  ENJOY!

In January, we attended our monthly Home Depot Workshop!  The kids LOVE these and now they have our neighbors joining us!

More pics here!

Then Ashlynn had a GIRL day!  We took the neighbor girls (so their parents could get ready for an office party!) to see the High School's production of Snow White (Colin was SOOOOO relieved when the other neighbor family offered to take him to their pinewood derby and he got out of girl day!) and the girls were really excited to see "kids" act out one of their favorite stories....very cute production!  Snow White was very cute and the dwarfs were high school kids that spent the whole play ON THEIR KNEES so they would be shorter.....that took dedication but the kids LOVED it!

After Snow White we had our first "sleepover" and all of the girls had so much fun! 
They were very good too, only a few spats and were OUT by 9:45 p.m. not bad!

More pics here!

Then Ashlynn went to a classmates birthday party at the house of bounce!  She LOVED it!

The kids had a four day weekend so Jenn and I decided to start our DC tours!  We plan to take at least one day a week this summer and let the kids take turns picking what we see in the city!  This time we toured Colin style because he had been asking to see the Supreme Court and Library of Congress!  Yes he is my little history buff!

More pics here!

Then we had the pinewood Derby for Colin!
He named his care Flame Rider, and it placed 3rd in his den!  He was excited because he got a neat little trophy!  Good year!  More pics here!

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