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Mike and Kerry have been married for 12 wonderful years! Colin and Ashlynn keep us on our toes with activities, constant jokes and entertainment. We were blessed to add Bethany, our eldest daughter, to our family a few years ago...she started out as the best babysitter EVER and quickly became part of the family. We enjoy out Air Force life and view every move as a new adventure full of travel and new friends! In that great adventure we've moved from Columbus, MS to Suffolk, VA to Waldorf, MD to Fairborn, OH to GERMANY to Burke, VA and now our lates move settles us in bright sunny Fairfield, CA!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer is almost over

Well this has been one of the craziest summers on record for the Phillips Family!  We started out the end of the 2008-2009 school year in Germany, after the kids finished school and all of our stuff was packed up, we took them to Paris (and of course Euro Disney), we said goodbye to our Dragon Squadron and Family, took  a long vacation to Vipetino, Pisa, Florence and Venice Italy. 
Then we flew home to the good ole USA where Nana and Papa met us with a big USO welcome, saw our new house, registered the kids for school, had a great visit with the Pfingsten family, and then we were on the road again!
We drove 2 days through some beautiful American scenery (the Shenendoah Mts are Awesome) all the way to Mississippi where we spent 4 days visiting Kerry's Family!  We met the newest (well until the 3rd is born )Johnson Ellie Kate, played lots with Emma Grace and even had time to visit the Silly Mamaw, Mamaw and Papaw Oglesby, The Scarbrough cousins, The Smith Family, Part of the Reedy Family and even ran into some friends from LONG ago at my old family church! 
Then we were on the road again....2 days up to Langley AFB VA to see our adorable godson Nicholas and his parents Aunite Amalia and Uncle Brian, and even popped in to see the Spanos!  It was great to visit friends and see the base where Colin was born, but we were really ready to get our house and our stuff....2 months of moving is just too much!
So on to DC we go!  We were in a hotel there for almost a week while daddy started in processing to his job and we waited for our house to be ready and our shippment to get off a boat and onto a truck!
Finally on July 23rd we got the keys to our house (met our landlords who are GREAT...another military family) and the next day we got a HUGE delivery with most of our "stuff"! 
We have now had time to unpack and find room for most everything and are ready to start exploring the area!

Move in Progress Pics
Final Days in Germany Pics
Catching up with Mommy's HS and College Best Friend!
MS Trip

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